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New Feature: Teens Reading!

June 25, 2010

We here at Great Perhaps (yes, all right, that’d be me and the mouse in my pocket) are pleased as punch to introduce our newest contributor and an exciting new feature. Meredith Hoffman is GP‘s new artist-in-residence, and she’ll be brightening this website with her biweekly webcomic/art feature, Teens Reading.

Teens Reading is a mildly collaborative effort; I provide occasional vague ideas, and she takes them, adds them to her own brilliant ideas, and turns them into amazing illustrations. Teens Reading is a wordless webcomic (for those of you new to the medium, webcomics are online cartoon strips that may or may not be humorous) that attempts to illustrate the fact that teens do a lot of different things, are a lot of different kinds of people, but that every kind of teen can have reading in common.

Her first illustration will run on June 30 and will correspond with our 2010 Young Adult LGBTQ Book Club. Make sure to check it out, and check back every couple of weeks for the latest installment!

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