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Contributor Bio: Meredith Fern

June 1, 2010

Name: Meredith Fern Brokaw Hoffman

Personal Website: Spiral Bound

“Day Job”: uniform manager for the Blue Thunder Marching Band

What do you want to be when you grow up? I would love to do character design or storyboard art for Pixar, but then I would have to live in California. So I suppose I would like to be an architect, or a graphic novelist, or a cake decorator, or an art teacher, or a professional horn player for some symphony somewhere, or maybe I would just like to be a barista. Or a ballerina. I’m keeping my options open.

Who are some of your favorite authors? Craig Thompson kind of won me over with his graphic novel Blankets, though I also love John Green, Steve Martin, J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, John Howard Griffin, and pretty much anybody who can paint with their words.

What kind of books do you love? I love all books for their physical qualities: the way they look and smell and feel. I love all books for their ability to capture a world. I love to read books that are about all the complexities of simple things – books about other peoples’ lives, whether they are real or fiction. I love to read books that remind us that we each have our own story.

Mine's the Best book coverWhat’s the first book you remember reading? The first book I learned to read was Mine’s the Best, by Crosby Bansall.

What’s the last book you finished reading? The Stuff of Legend by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith.

What are you reading now? I’m kind of juggling between The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie and The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart.

Where’s your favorite place to read? My favorite place to read was the corner, tucked in-between the two sofas and two bookcases, snuggling in some blankets warmed by the heater. That was at the old house. I’m working on a new favorite place, however, and if all goes well, it should be up in a tree.

Who’s your favorite Harry Potter character? Dumbledore, followed by Hagrid.

What book(s), if any, had a big impact on you growing up? Oh, I don’t know. Any books that I loved were books that had an impact on me, though I don’t know that any of those books were exactly life-changing. I suppose I can only say that graphic novels have really impacted me in ways that are notable.

What book(s) did you hate the most in high school/middle school? Well. At risk of virtually running into one of my high school/middle school teachers… I never read the books I didn’t like. I sparknoted them. I only read the ones I enjoyed, and there weren’t too many of those.

What do your bookshelves (or lack thereof) say about you? My very small bookshelf is made up of three cubes, and they’re each one painted a different color. It’s adorable. And while I may not be adorable, my bookshelf and its contents probably say that I love to draw and paint more than I love to read.

What do you do when your nose isn’t in a book? I stick it in a sketchbook. I also play the “French” horn and piano, but not with my nose. Usually. Sometimes my feet.

Meredith Hoffman


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